ASUS Q200E Rebuild

Discussion in 'PC Building!' started by Tylor Dettore, Sep 5, 2017.

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    Jan 22, 2017
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    Okay, so, I was working out in the field when we went to my bosses work center. I noticed a little netbook and ashed what was its story. He said it was water damaged and said I could have it. I brought it home and plugged it in...... Nothing happened. I disassembled the motherboard and learned that their was corrosion by a voltage regulator. I decided to order a new mother board. Wall-Mart of all places carried it. For about $54 with free shipping. I reinstalled the new board and to my supriement nothing happened. I checked voltage from the AC plug pack and was the normal 19.5V. I tried another power supply and it actually worked. I gave it a 120GB PNY SSD, and tried windows 10 installer. It went through the part of installing the os to the SSD and making it bootable, but....... Nothing happened. I tried a windows 7 install and it worked but the installer was slow. Now after reinstalling Windows 7 & 10 (Windows 7 BSOD's after getting updates and drivers) Now it speeds through the Windows 10 install. Over all its a nice netbook, however it needs a new battery since the old one was sitting for a while and only holds a 2 hour charge. (Not bad for a 3rd Gen i3) And also the battery is not reconsied some if the time