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    Hello people of TD Tech. Its Tylor, the Owner. I haved receved 2 towers and thinking about deploying them. Im thinking about adding the following to the site: Another Forum strictly about gaming A wiki about computers and things

    ( Please contact me about info
    These Following Applications Could Be added:
    Minecraft 1.11.1, 1.11.2 (Cracked)
    Argo Mail server: Hosted on
    VPN servers could be added depending on security (Contact me for info)
    A Cash server for holing site data on SSD`s for faster site response time.
    TD-1 Might be pulled and replaced, The new servers will run windows server 2012 depending on specs. (I don't know the new specs)

    This will take me a while to work on. I am working hard for your enjoyment! Security and optimization is No.2 priority :)
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